Sunday, 28 June 2009

All mended

What a contrast to last week!

I managed half a bike ride last week and had to turn around as my knee was so painful. This week I visited the Chiropractor on Monday to sort the damage. It turns out that I shifted my pelvis across when I crashed at the beginning of Bristol 12. That in turn was seizing my back up and more seriously pulling the muscles off balance and focusing all the pain in the tendons of my knee. No wonder I felt so dreadful at Bristol 12!!

I was still a bit sore for a few days as my muscles and tendons relaxed after a fortnight of being pulled at all funny angles but midweek I was back in training again. On Wednesday I managed a good long ride with the club 10mile time trial thrown in for good measure. I’d forgotten how much time trials hurt. My time wasn’t amazing but hopefully it will come down a little as I get fitter.

Thursday I raced a criterium at MK bowl. I made it with 10mins to spare due to horrific traffic, then realised I had no money! Fortunaly my blagging skills enabled me to race. The circuit is just under a mile long with a few sharp slow corners and an uphill drag to the finish. After Thursday I now have a big decision to make… which is more painful, a time trial or a crit!?! The endurance training in my legs certainly told. The first 45mins were ok but when the hammer went down and we had to sprint out of the corners, were lined out on the finish drag and then had more attacks sent me flying backwards! Thankfully the pace eased up so I didn’t get dropped. It’s all good training though.

This weekend I have been working on my endurance and efficiency. The trick is to trick your body to think it’s going for a long ride when really your not. I’m trying a few new techniques which should make me more efficient and burn the right fuel at the right time. Hopefully it will work, initial signs were promising. Although it means I can only have a coffee and no cake when the club run stops at the cafĂ©!

Next week is the 5 day Ras de Cymru stage race based in Newport, Wales. It starts on Wednesday with a short hilly time trial. Day 2 is a hilly 50mile road race followed by a 15mile team time trial. Day 3 is another 50mile road race. Day 4 is a savage 65mile hilly road race near Brecon and the final day is a 45mile road race with a 4mile mountain finish! I should be strong after all that…

Check out the route here:

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