Thursday, 8 March 2012

Santacruz Tallboy carbon and Santacruz Highball carbon

Yep, you just read the title correctly. This year I am a very lucky boy indeed and have support from Santacruz UK. I will be riding a brand spanking new Santacruz Tallboy Carbon in a rather fetching blue colour. This should complement my old faithful orange Tallboy quite nicely. It now means that I have a colour choice when I ride!

As well as the new Tallboy I have also received a super fast Santacruz Highball Carbon 29er hard tail. I have already raced this in the Andalucia Bike race in Spain. This thing climbs fast! Not only does it climb fast, it aint too shabby going down either. Although I must admit I did forget that I wasn't aboard my Tallboy a couple of times on super gnarly descents!

Full reviews will follow if I can stop my self from riding them for 5 minutes!

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