Thursday, 8 March 2012

Lezyne Port-a-shop reveiw

The kind people at Lezyne have supplied me with the brilliant Port-a-shop to help me on my travels in 2012.
The Port-a-shop contains everything you need to keep your bike running on the move. I recently used the Port-a-shop on my training camp in Gran Caneria and also during the Andalucia Bike race. It contains 3 multi tools, one allen key set, one torq wrench set and a multi tool with various screw drives an 8mm pedal allen key and importantly a bottle opener!
There is also a chain breaker, various puncture repair kits, tyre levers and a couple of spanners. The kit is small, light and compact and it contained in a nice sturdy padded case. This is excellent for putting in your bike box/bag when flying as it does not take up much of the baggage allowance and protects the bike from sharp tools rattling around during transit.

All in all the Lezyne Port-a-shop is a brilliant piece of kit to have handy weather you are flying with your bike, travelling in your car or you just want a convenient and complete tool kit to help maintain your bike. I don't think I could live without it now.

Next stop for the Port-a-shop South Africa!

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