Sunday 22 August 2010

New helmet: KASK VERTIGO

I’ve been lucky enough to be given a new helmet to race with for the rest of the season. Its the Kask Vertigo. It may look familiar as it is mainly found in a black and blue colour upon the heads of team sky riders

My version is the MTB specific version (with fetching fluro yellow flashes!) is basically the same as the road one apart from the fact that it has a peak. The peak is easy to remove and fix back in place, especially useful for me as i only tend to use a peak when its muddy. It certainly works well at blocking the mud, this was proven at a particularly muddy brighton big dog race.

I have also raced in a xc race in 20 degrees and it proved plenty cool enough. The internal padding is actually honeycomb shaped which allows the sweat to escape and also allow the air to circulate around the head helping cooling.

I havent face planted yet so I cant really comment on the impact resistance! The helmet will stay inplace in a crash though that is for sure. The fastening syslem is great, a slow slung band fits around the back of the head and holds it in place firmly and the gels gripper pads just get stickier with sweat!

The chin strap is great too. Pure leather with reflective piping. This is especially great for a mtb rider as standard straps always get stained with mud and are impossible to clean. The kash ones simply wipe clean. All in all a great helmet, very comfy and looks great. What more could you need?

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