Monday, 23 August 2010

St Ives Cycling club xc race

This weekend I raced in the St Ives cycling club xc race. The race is organised by my mum so most of the morning was spent setting out the course ready for the race. The race itself began at 1pm and I settled into around 5th place for the first half of the opening lap. Once everyone had tired themselves out from sprinting from the gun I began to squeeze the pace and settle into a rhythm. I moved in to second position by the end of the first lap as the leader edged away. By the halfway mark I began to close the gap back down and with 3 laps to go the gap was 10 seconds. Unfortunately I couldn’t quite close the last few meters and the effort took its toll. I had to ease up a little after 2 fast laps in the middle of the race. I lost about 45 seconds to the leader over the last 2 laps but held on comfortably for 2nd 55 seconds off the win. A good days work though!

Below is my video from the race:

St Ives Cycling club xc race from Josh Ibbett on Vimeo.

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