Monday, 25 February 2013

Andalucia Bike race stage 2

Just a quick update from stage 2 of the Andalucia Bike race, no photos today but hopefully more tomorrow!

Todays stage once again looped out from Cordoba. We were a little too far back in the chaos that was the neutral zone and I managed to loosed James in the melee that followed. Frustratingly we were held up by riders who need to run as soon as there is a hint of rock or roots! James had to wait but we soon found each other and set off working through the field. We rode a nice consistent race, not getting tempted to chase harder than we needed.

Todays stage contained some great steep rocky single track sections. James was on a mission on the descents and liked to show off his trials skills on the rocky climbs. Where most people ran, he just hopped off and rode away!

Coming onto the last 20km our conservative strategy began to pay off. We closed down a few groups of riders and rode straight through them. I get the feeling that a number of teams and got a bit over excited and smashed it the first few days! Hopefully as the week progresses we will gradually move our way up the results sheet. We placed 47th elite today, hopefully tomorrow we'll move up a couple more positions.

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